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xSQLScanner 1.2 and Mono Version 2011-10-23
Rodrigo Matuck (rodrigomatuck globo com)
Hi everyone

I published at my blog a new tool called xSQLScanner. This program
allow the user audit MS-SQL and My-SQL servers.

Some features:

1 - 6 Vulnerability Audit options;
1.2 - Test for weak password fast;
1.3 - Test for wear/user passwords;
1.4 - Wordlist option;
1.5 5 - Userlist optio

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Re: JIRA Pentest 2011-10-18
Bog Witch (iambogwitch gmail com)

Sorry, I think you misunderstood. I am looking for a company (or
contractor) that has recent, specific experience of testing a JIRA
installation for a potential short-term contract for a friend of mine.
I appreciate that I could DL and install or even mirror the
installation but he is hoping to

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[HITB-Announce] HITB Magazine Issue #7 2011-10-19
HITB Magazine (aphesz hackinthebox org)
Hello readers and welcome to issue #7.

It has been a long journey since the first release of the magazine and
we have seen a lot of changes and improvements overtime and still
trying our best to do more.

But as we grow, the amount of work and the time we need to spend
working on the magazine have

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JIRA Pentest 2011-10-18
Bog Witch (iambogwitch gmail com) (2 replies)

Is there anyone on this list with commercial JIRA pentest exposure?

Please email responses directly.




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Prove to peers and potentia

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Re: JIRA Pentest 2011-10-18
securityfocus rawchaos com
Re: JIRA Pentest 2011-10-19
Patrick Webster (sflist aushack com)
xTSCrack 0.5 2011-10-18
Rodrigo Matuck (rodrigomatuck globo com)
Hi guys

As I promised here the xTSCrack with bug fixed.

Soon 3 new tools. I need your feedback and bug reports pls.


Rodrigo Matuck


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Re: xTSCrack and xMD5Crack 2011-10-16
Rodrigo Matuck (rodrigomatuck globo com)


I'm here to talk about 2 tools i posted in my blog. These tools was
created by me to help in penetration tests. Maybe can be useful for
you guys.

xTSCrack - Is a tool to assist the peneration tester find weak
passwords over RDP protocol (3389). Tested against Windows XP, 2003 e

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AppSec DC 2012 CFP is OPEN! 2011-10-12
AppSec DC (cfp appsecdc org)

Building on the success of AppSec DC 2010 and 2009, OWASP is pleased
to announce the next OWASP AppSec DC conference. The theme for this
year's conference is "OWASP - Not just webapps anymore" to reflect the
new and revised scope of OWASP to include all application security
issues inst

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MagicTree 1.0 released 2011-10-12
Alla Bezroutchko (alla gremwell com)
We are happy to announce that MagicTree version 1.0 is released and
available for download at

MagicTree is a productivity tool for penetration testers. It allows
consolidating data coming from various security tools, query and re-use
the data and generate reports. I

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New issue of PENTEST magazine is out! Download for free! 2011-10-07
Maciej Kozuszek (maciej kozuszek software com pl)

Hi everyone,

I'm glad to announce, that the new issue of PenTest Mag is out. See it for
yourself. Over 20 pages, including full article by Shane MacDougall to be
downloaded for free !

See for yourself that PenTest is worth subscribing to !
View this messag

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Nmap scanning DMZ server 2011-10-02
informationhacker08 (informationhacker08 gmail com)

how to scan DMZ server that is behind firewall

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Mail Relay / Open Mail Replay 2011-10-02
informationhacker08 (informationhacker08 gmail com) (4 replies)

Suppose there is Mail server having port 25 open
an attacker login on Mail server through telnet and then try to send the
mail but the he can
only send a mail within the xyz company not outside this will be
consider as Vulnerability or not

eg. telnet
mail from:<dddd@ddddd.

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Re: Mail Relay / Open Mail Replay 2011-10-02
Andy Meyers (andy meyers hushmail com)
Re: Mail Relay / Open Mail Replay 2011-10-02
Michal Zalewski (lcamtuf coredump cx)
Re: Mail Relay / Open Mail Replay 2011-10-02
Voulnet (voulnet gmail com)
Re: Mail Relay / Open Mail Replay 2011-10-02
haZard0us (hazard0us pt gmail com)
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