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Macro Virus
A type of computer virus that is encoded as a macro embedded in a document, such as a word processing or database document. Once a macro virus is inserted into a victim computer, it can embed itself in all future documents created with the application.

Mailing List
An automatic email system that allows members to carry on a discussion on a particular topic. Subscribers to the mailing list automatically receive e-mails that are posted to the list. Mailing lists are commonly used for subscribers to post questions, answers and opinions based on the topic to which the list is devoted.

Malicious Code
Programs such as viruses, worms, logic bombs and Trojan Horses that are surreptitiously inserted into programs in order to destroy data, run destructive or intrusive programs or to otherwise compromise the security and/ or integrity of the victim computer's data.

Short for Modulator-Demodulator, a device that allows your computer to communicate with another computer over a phone line by converting the computer's digital signals into the analog signals necessary for phone line transmission.

The main circuit board of a computer.


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