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Contact Information
Name: Tirtha Ghosh
Email: gtirtha (at) rediffmail (dot) com [email concealed]
Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Position/Title: Software Engineer
Resume: Tirtha Kanti Ghosh

A-301, Aisswarya Opulence

92/2, Munnekolala Varathur

Outer Ring Road, Marathalli

Near Innovative Multiplex

Bangalore – 560037

Mail Id: gtirtha (at) gmail (dot) com [email concealed]

gtirtha (at) rediffmail (dot) com [email concealed]

Contact No: +919986918141

Date of Birth: 16th Oct, 1980

Father’s Name: Tapan Kanti Ghosh



I started my career working in the Symbian Multimedia domain specifically with the team developing middleware in Symbian MMF and MDF layers. Have got a good understanding of the Symbian OS, MMF and MDF layer concept along with data flow between them. Currently working on integration of our MMF and MDF modules with application on N80 & N93 for H263 video playback and video recording.

Industry Experience

1 year (joined on 4th September, 2006)

Academic Qualification

• MCA (Master in Computer Application), 2006, Dr. Virendra Swarup Institute Of Computer Studies (Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Lucknow), Uttar Pradesh with aggregate of 75%.

Skill Summary

Skill Type Description

Current Role Software Engineer – Design, Development, Integration and partial testing

Domain Symbian, Embedded, Networking

Tools Code Warrior, VC6, Symbian SDK 3.x, WinCVS

Programming Languages C, Assembly, C++, Java, PLSQL, Visual Basic, PERL

Operating Systems Windows 9X/ 2000/ NT/XP, Linux (simplified) & Unix, Symbian

Others HTML, ASP, JAVA Script, PHP, Protocol Programming (basically HTTP), Network programming

Project Details

PROJECT 1: AMR Audio Recording and WMA Audio Playback

Description The project involves developing the middleware interfaces in MMF and MDF layers of Symbian for recording voice in AMR (NB/WB) format and playing WMA files.

These projects done on ARM platform in Symbian 9.1 using SDK 3.x.

The multimedia framework of Symbian divided into basic two layers MMF and MDF. Where four plug-ins are there in MMF and two plug-ins in MDF.

The actual CODEC (decoder/encoder) lies down the MDF layer.

This middleware either collect the files tried to be played by client applications, parse and decode the file to get raw PCM16 data and then send it to speaker to play or collect the raw PCM data from microphone and encode it into AMR format.

The whole middleware will reside in the Symbian OS.

Client Confidential

Duration ongoing since March 2007

Team size 4 members

Contribution AMR Encoder

Controller module, which will interact with client application and manage other modules and Datapath module, which will control the data flow between source and sink

WMA Decoder

Controller, Datapath, Sink Modules and Format Decoder, which will read a wma file and parse the audio data HwDevice module to decode it to raw PCM16. And overall Integration of the project.

Domain Symbian Multimedia

Project 2: Development of Automated Regression Test Suite

Description The project involved reading some files to get the parameters to test the Agents like router, proxy etc. and transform into a predefined format which is understood by the agent, finally sending data to the agent via an SSH2 connection, reading result data and make a store of it.

Client Confidential

Duration 2 months

Team size 6 members

Contribution Planning, Designing and Coding using PERL

Achievement Team Selected for best project - runners up.

Project 3: Web-based Surveillance Robot using embedded web server.

Description This system aims to make an Embedded Web Server, which have some sensors and actuators and can be controlled and viewed the result through HTTP over Internet. The main features are to capture the video of its surroundings and send it over Internet, to sense the temperature and condition of electronic door lock, the user can on/off the electrical appliances remotely.

The Atmel 8051 micro controller is programmed to work as a Web Server. The uController is connected with a Wiznet card which would be connected with TCP/IP connection. It has some registers to holds the IP, Gateway, Subnet addresses. Some HTML pages are developed and dump it into the memory of uController. Four sockets can be created at a time and they are put into listening mode, when ever any request comes, the program will check the validity of the request and perform operations as required.

Duration 5 months

Team size 3 members

Contribution Designing the web server on Atmel AT8051RD2 Microcontroller, coding and testing. Coding the client side HTML pages.

Platform AT8051RD2 Microcontroller, Wiznet 3100A, Parallax Boe-bot Robot, C/Assembly (Keil Compiler and Assembler)



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