X Connection Monitor
by der Mouse
Platforms: N/A
Categories: Access Control, X-Windows
This program monitors X connections: - It uses RFC931 to display usernames, when the client host supports RFC931. - It allows the user to freeze (and unfreeze) connections, or kill them, independent of the client, and very importantly independent of the server. The KillClient request can be used to forcibly disconnect a client from the server, but only if the client has created a resource, which (for example) neither xkey nor xcrowbar does. - It monitors the connection, and if it sees certain dubious requests (currently configurable only by hacking on the source), it pops up a little menu with which the user can allow the request, have it replaced with a NoOperation request, or kill the connection. The dubious requests are, at present, requests to change the host access list, requests to enable or disable access control, and ChangeWindowAttributes requests operating on non-root windows not created by the same client.

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