Sun Enterprise Network Security Service (SENSS)
by Bruce Development Team (Sun)
Platforms: Linux, Solaris, Windows NT
Categories: Filesystem, Linux, Solaris, System Security Management
SENSS "Bruce" is a flexible, Java-based infrastructure that permits

centralized security management of small, medium and large-sized


The Bruce software provides you with a network service daemon that

should be installed on each host in your network; these daemons are

linked together in a hierarchy of trust.

This hierarchy may be used for the distribution and execution of

digitally-signed packages containing (java, binary, or script) code

that may be used to check and fix host security issues in a bulk,

batch-oriented manner.

Execution requests are likewise digitally signed, replay attacks are

prevented, and network communications are secured by access-control

lists and pluggable authentication and secrecy modules.

Output generated during the process of checking is in HTML format, and

percolates to the root of the hierarchy, where it is browsable.

The Bruce software is not yet complete; this is the Early Access 2

(EA2) release, that we (the Bruce development team) are making

available for the benefit of parties with a professional interest in

network security, for their experimentation and comment.

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