Lepton's Crack
by Nekromancer <nekromancer (at) eudoramail (dot) com [email concealed]>
Platforms: Linux, POSIX, Windows 2000, Windows NT
Categories: Cryptoanalysis, Cryptography, Passwords, Utilities
Version: v20030404
Lepton's Crack is a generic password cracker. It is easily-customizable with a simple plugin system and allows system administrators to review the quality of the passwords being used on their systems. It can perform a dictionary-based (wordlist) attack as well as a brute force (incremental) password scan. It supports standard MD4 hash, standard MD5 hash, NT MD4/Unicode, and Lotus Domino HTTP password (R4) formats.

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Lepton's Crack added SHA-1 support 2002-12-31


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