by Applicure LTD
Platforms: Linux, Perl (any system supporting perl), PHP, Solaris, UNIX
Categories: Access Control, Auditing, Filtering, Firewall, Hardening, Intrusion Detection, Linux, Network, Policy Enforcement, Web, Web, Web Access
Version: Version 2.0 beta3
dotDefender secures websites against a broad range of HTTP-based attacks, including Session attacks (e.g. Denial of Service), Web application attacks (e.g. SQL injection, Cross-site scripting, and known attack signatures), as well as requests originating from known attack sources ( e.g. spammer bots and compromised servers). dotDefender installs within moments on the Web server along with a predefined, configurable rule-base - enabling it to secure the Web environment from the moment it is deployed, with virtually no administrator intervention. dotDefender retails at a fraction of the cost of conventional web application firewalls, and is available for evaluation via a free 30-day trial.

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