SSA Security System Analyzer
by SSA Team
Platforms: Windows 2000, Windows 3.x, Windows 95/98, Windows CE, Windows NT, Windows XP
Categories: Auditing, Host
Version: 1.5
A local vulnerabilty analyzer based on OVAL concept.

1.5 Final Release

* NOW SSA Security System Analyzer in added to compatibility program


* NOW fully based on OVAL 5.2 Interpreter.

* Added OVAL XML Database Plug-in.

o View OVAL ID Information

o Search by OS and OVAL ID

+ Double click on entry and get more information (linked to and

o More information about CVE (CVSS, Related sources, Related missed patches....)

* Added function Stop/Reload in SSA

* Improved performance in SSA Core Scanner

* Fixed bugs (function checks, abnormal scan abort...)

* Fixed bugs in Updater Plug-in

* Added second progress bar in Updater Plug-in to indicate the stages left to be processed.

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