SecuBox for Pocket PC
by Aiko Solutions
Platforms: Windows CE
Categories: Cryptography, Data Encryption
Version: 1.2.2
Encryption software for Windows Mobile PDAs and PDA Phones. Creates a secure storage for all business documents and files - all protected with the strongest algorithm available today - AES 256 bit. Protects private data from getting into wrong hands even if the device is lost or stolen.

The encryption software creates a virtual storage card on the Windows Mobile PDA. Data moved to and from the virtual storage card is encrypted or decrypted on-the-fly using the 256-bit AES algorithm. Decryption and encryption is totally transparent and requires no action from the user. It transforms your PDA in a highly secure device, requiring mininum effort and user interaction.

SecuBox is aimed to overcome the drawbacks of Windows Mobile 6.0 encryption and ensures appropriate data redundancy. With new encryption key backup feature users will be able to get legitimate access to the encrypted storage cards even after Pocket PC hard reset or device malfunction.


* Advanced security algorithms - AES 256-bit encryption algorithm

* Encryption key backup

* Easy installation, maintenance and usage

* On-the-fly transparent encryption

* Password strength meter

* Command line support

* Storage wiping

* Change storage properties

* Multiple encrypted storages

* System tray menu

* Close integration with Windows Mobile File Explorer

* No back doors

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SecuBox for Pocket PC 2008-07-15
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