by Jan P. Monsch, Raffael Marty
Platforms: Linux
Categories: Auditing, Forensics, Log Analysis, Log Management, Monitoring, Monitoring, Network Monitoring, Network Utilities, System Security Management, Usage Monitoring, Utilities
Version: 1.0.1
DAVIX - the Data Analysis & Visualization Linux® - brings the most important tools for data processing and visualization to your desk. This solution allows you to get started with security visualization without cumbersome compiling and installing tools.

The DAVIX CD is based on SLAX 6.0 and follows a modularized approach. Thus, the SLAX ISO image can easily be customized for various purposes. It can even be installed on USB sticks and provide you with mobile analysis capabilities.

The CD is shipped with a comprehensive manual that gives you a quick start for all tools and provides information on how-to tailor DAVIX to your needs. All tools are accessible through the KDE start menu and are accompanied with links to external manuals and tutorials.

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