by Exaprotect
Platforms: Linux
Categories: Auditing, Intrusion Detection, Network Monitoring, Policy Enforcement
EventManager is a full-featured security breach and threat detection appliance. It integrates tightly with (and is upgradeable from) Exaprotect’s LogManager solution.

EventManager constantly monitors and analyzes a vast array of input sources including security network devices, applications, operating systems, intrusion detection systems, and databases to correlate disparate events such as user authentication, VPN access, and database alterations to provide insight into potential security threats facing your organization’s infrastructure.

An elegant user interface and reporting engine conceal the raw power and complexity of the advanced correlation engine that provides unparalleled accuracy in tracking multiple-step security threats and virtually eliminating false alarms.

A large set of pre-built settings and a wizard-based AJAX interface for custom data sources make setup and maintenance fast and straightforward.

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