by Janos Szatmary
Platforms: Perl (any system supporting perl)
Categories: Auditing, General, General, Network, Network, Network Utilities, Tunneling, Utilities
Version: 0.0.3
Webtunnel is a network utility that encapsulates arbitrary data in HTTP and

transmits it through a web server. In that regard, it is similar to httptunnel,

however, it has several key important differences: its server component runs in

the context of a web server as a CGI application (with optional FastCGI support)

so it does not need its own port, and supports most things that the web server

supports, such as authentication, HTTP 1.1, HTTPS, and client certificates; it

uses simple requests and responses so it works seamlessly through forward and

reverse proxies; it is multi-threaded (actually multi-process using sockets for

inter-process communication) to allow multiple parallel connections to multiple

destinations simultaneously.

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