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With over 7.5 million unique users annually, SecurityFocus is the largest community of security professionals available anywhere. Demographically, the SecurityFocus community consists of highly educated security professionals who hold technical or corporate management job titles within the security marketplace.

The SecurityFocus venue is organized into 9 Focus Areas, or channels - Home, Foundations, Microsoft, Unix, IDS, Vulnerabilities, Incidents, Pen-Test and Firewalls, which together generate over 12 million page views monthly. Packed with compelling late breaking content featuring News, Columnists, InFocus articles, Vulnerabilities, Advisories, Events, Library, and much more. SecurityFocus is the security professional's morning "newspaper" worldwide.

Why Your Audience Chooses SecurityFocus?

SecurityFocus Online is a comprehensive source for unbiased security intelligence, industry news and timely expert columnist insights. It allows users to evaluate, compare and make purchase decisions regarding security related products and services.

The SecurityFocus Online venue attracts an educated community looking for:

  • An understanding of the various security technologies from what to purchase now and in the near future
  • The latest security news, events, laws and upcoming legislation affecting security
  • Research on software/hardware vulnerabilities and security technologies as they emerge
  • Columns written by information security experts about proven defense strategies for specific types of attacks and the risks of deploying various technologies
  • Software downloads and the latest hacker tools
  • Research about the risks of using specific network devices in enterprise environments
  • Techniques and recommendations from the mailing list communities on minimizing and mitigating risks

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