Buffer overflow in Zinf 2.2.1 for Win32 Sep 24 2004 09:31PM
Luigi Auriemma (aluigi autistici org) (1 replies)

I don't know why this bug has not been tracked but moreover I don't
completely know why it has not been fixed yet in the Windows version of

In short, Zinf is an audio player for Linux and Windows: http://www.zinf.org
The latest Linux version is 2.2.5 while the latest Windows version is 2.2.1
which is still vulnerable to a buffer-overflow bug in the management of the
playlist files ".pls".

This bug has been found and fixed by the same developers in the recent
versions for Linux but, as already said, the vulnerable Windows version is
still downloadable and can be exploited locally and remotely through the web
browser and a malicious pls file.

A simple proof-of-concept to test the bug is available here:


That's all, just to keep track of this bug and to warn who uses the Windows


Luigi Auriemma

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Re: Buffer overflow in Zinf 2.2.1 for Win32+exploit Sep 27 2004 05:34PM
iggy popal (me delikon de)


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