RE: DoS attack on Windows 2000 Terminal Server Jan 24 2003 12:41PM
Diogo Fernandes (dfernandes realmedia com)
Hi, all

> Tested on Windows 2000 Server (IE55, SP2) and Windows 2000 Server
(IE55, SP3). I do not have easy access to other
> platforms at the moment.

Tested on Windows Xp Professional, w/o SP. The problem exists.

> Workaround
> - Remove all permissions from MSGINA.DLL for "Power Users", "Users"
> "Everyone"

We have a problem here. If you try to change permissions from
MSGINA.DLL, you get a warning, talking about to change the parent
permissions, too. As my experience is in Unices systems, what kind of
problems can I have if I change the permissions of my WINNT folder ?

Diogo Carlos Fernandes
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