Re: D-Link DI-614 wiresless router crash/reboots Mar 28 2003 10:29AM
Thierry Zoller (thierry sniff-em com)

>A user of ours has reported that the D-Link DI-614+

Thomas forgot to include the Firmware that machine is

I am a user of the above mentioned device, new firmware for
EUROPEAN (important as the european distributors are lagging
a few versions behind) and US versions can be found here (2)

Please note that as seen on DSLREPORTS (1) the router
sometimes behaves unstable. With some firmware versions
even a normal Telnet session causes a reboot on the
router. That said, I don´t think the router is vulnerable
to only these specific attacks, but the firmware running there
is simply buggy.

Applying the current firmware (2) solved all problems
I had with the router, no more stalls or reboots. The attacks
mentioned here had no effect on my DI-614+.

I recommend every European (and of course US) user to upgrade
to the latest firmware and if he has the guts ;) to the
latest Beta firmware drivers.

(1) http://www.dslreports.com
(1.1) http://www.dslreports.com/forum/dlink
(2) http://support.dlink.com/downloads/

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