Exploit for PoPToP PPTP server Apr 18 2003 02:27PM
einstein, dhtm (einstein_dhtm front ru) (1 replies)
Re: Exploit for PoPToP PPTP server - Linux version Apr 22 2003 03:03PM
John Leach (bugtraq johnleach co uk)
Hello world,

Find attached a modified version that will compile with gcc on Linux.
The vulnerability check seems to work, but I've not yet managed a
successful exploit.


P.S: Greets to my Mum.

On Fri, 2003-04-18 at 15:27, einstein, dhtm wrote:
> hello bugtraq,
> Here is an exploit for a recently discovered vulnerability in PoPToP
> PPTP server under Linux. Versions affected are all prior to
> 1.1.4-b3 and 1.1.3-20030409.
> The exploit is capable of bruteforcing the RET address to find our
> buffer in the stack. Upon a successfull run it brings up a reverse
> shell with privileges of the pptpd daemon (typically root)
> on the victim server.
> P.S. Greets to ERRor, Death and all others.

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