Red Hat IA64 products still missing fixes for the ptrace vs kmod vulnerability Apr 30 2003 11:28AM
Christoph Hellwig (hch infradead org)
It seems redhat still hasn't manged to make any of their IA64 products
immune against CAN-2003-0127.

For RH AS2.1 (and it's crippled corporate newspeak variations) a kernel
errata was released only for x86 but noa IA64, as in


for RH 7.x on IA64 there was an kernel updated released, 2.4.9-41 whos
only change over the previous version is the addition of a patch,
linux-2.4.9-ptrace-harden.patch that seems to fix this exploit, but
if you look at the specfile this patch isn't actually applied as part
of the build process ( note the comment in the %patch line!):

# harden ptrace
# %patch2480 -p1

I have informed Red Hat about this shortly after the package was released
and was told this has been forwarded to the responsible maintainer, but
nothing has happened yet..

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