BitchX: Crash when channel modes change May 10 2003 06:40PM
Rob Andrews (randrews relinetworks com)

On May 7th 2003, we recieved a bug report through our tracking system

which noted a crash problem with BitchX for all versions up to 1.0c20cvs.

Certain mode changes would cause BitchX to core consistantly.

This problem was resolved in less than 24 hours. The patch was commited

to CVS by powuh.



05-08-03 22:53

Myself and other have tested the patch included in this bugnote, and find

it to work excellent for solving this problem.

I have patched names.c and committed it to the CVS, revision 1.9 of


-- End bugnote

Users are urged to update to the current CVS snapshot located on


We encourage people finding bugs which need to be reported to please use

the Bug tracking system which can be found through the main website at


All major news for the BitchX IRC Client is posted through this website

and its forums.

Rob Andrews

RELI Networks, Inc.

Marietta, GA.

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