[Fwd: 127 Research and Development: 127 Day!] May 20 2003 08:46AM
northern snowfall (dbailey27 ameritech net)
Every year, 127 Research chooses an interesting topic, presenting it to
our correspondants just to keep them up-to-date with our vastly
increasing prowess and drive. This year will be the first we bring the
public our yearly analysis. Focused on topics that challenge an
analyst's skill, 127 Day releases display our level of ability in
auditing, exploitation, theory, and more.
This year, 2003, represents 127 Research and Development's
first public 127-Day release! Our release covers the remote exploitation
of the prescan memory corruption vulnerability found in versions of
Sendmail earlier than 8.12.9. In the paper, Don Bailey touches on some
interesting techniques not yet seen in public. One of these techniques
is the misaligned-opcode method of text segment manipulation.
The paper is viewable online in HTML format, as well as down-
loadable in portable Postscript. The exploit interface described in
the report is also available at 127's website.
Don Bailey
127 Research and Development

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