Domain User Credentials access via OWA XSS Jul 07 2003 09:19PM
Hugo Vázquez Caramés (overclocking_a_la_abuela hotmail com)

On my previous post about OWA XSS I talked about Cross

Site Scripting in the attachment field of a mail. The

XSS is not in the attachment, is in the body of the


Sorry, I need to sleep...

Please notice: not in the attachment, in the BODY.

To make it clear to understand I have just published on

my site (www.infohacking.com) a report explaining how

to reproduce this bug on a real environment with a

proof of concept exploit.

Our code is able to exploit the XSS on the Outlook Web

Access to show the user cookie and the Windows domain,

username and password in cleartext.

Have fun!

Hugo Vázquez Caramés & Toni Cortés Martínez

Infohacking Research 2003



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