Multiple* bug's associated with Win xp default zip Manager... Sep 10 2003 06:35PM
hUNTER 007 (door_hunt3r blackcodemail com)



Win xp default zip manager prompt's for a password, [even* when there is

no password] if the zipped file has folder/s with more than 121 sub

directories in it, but this situation does vary with some condition as

specified below...

---Bug Demonstration---


Create a batch script (*.bat)



md 1

cd 1

goto lol


[OR, download] http://www.geocities.com/visitbipin/winxp_zip_bug.zip

If you "execute" this batch script [*.bat] from your root, [ ie c:\ ]

windows can at-most create 121'th sub directory, ie \..\1\1\1\..\...[upto

121'th sub directory,] then the batch script ends with a error messages...

Now say if i put "md 12" instead of "md 1" to the above script, [ie two


Directory name instead of one"] windows can at most create... 80 sub


Again, say if i put md 12345 ->"five character directory name in the

same way..."<-

windows can at most create... 39 sub directory!

HENCE, IF you simply ZIP A FILE WITH SAY 39 SUB-DIRECTORY in it with 5

character directory name as explained in the above demonstration [ie: md

12345 ] Win xp default zip manager prompts for a password in extraction

process [copy the 12345.zip file to c:\windows\system32 and try

extracting it there] but when you use a third party software, it simply

ends up with an error. [as windows has restrictions on creating number of

sub - directories which is proportional to the number of characters used

to label a folder!]

Moreover it even prompt for password to file names that doesn't exists!


Concluding from the experiment conducted from LINUX, on a fat32/ntfs

partition, it seems the problem isn't with the "file system itself" but

it occurs due to the restriction of windows!




Win xp default zip manager can't handle long file names properly...

---Bug Demonstration---

Create a new file with very long file name... in your c: [ say:




11111111111111111111111111111 ]

[or, download] http://www.geocities.com/visitbipin/zip_long.zip

Windows xp will easily allow you to create that file, now zip the file [

above mentioned ie 1.11111111111111111111* ] using winxp default zip

manager, [say, the new file created is 1.zip]

But strangely, if you open the file [1.zip] with windows explorer [ie

view it's content] You can neither see a file name nor its extension in

the archive but simply its icon only!

Moreover, windows xp doesn't allow you to delete the long file created in

the above example, through GUI mode [...have to use command prompt] and

end up with an error Can't delete 1 : The folder is empty. [actually its

a file!]





A probable buffer overflow with winxp default zip manager! [zipfldr.dll]



Well, as win xp automatically creates a bug report of a crash, the bug is

self explanatory.

Simply try extracting the above file using win xp default zip manager or

try viewing the file hUNTER_..PKT YOUR EXPLORER WILL CRASH!

--[Background Information]--

These bug's were originally discovered by hUNT3R, [myself] a member of 01

Security Sumbission. The vendor was notified via email.

---[about 01 security submission]---

01s.s is a small group having experience as security specialists,

programmers and system administrators.


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