MSIE->HijackClick: 1+1=2 Sep 10 2003 05:19AM
Liu Die Yu (liudieyuinchina yahoo com cn) (1 replies)
Re: MSIE->HijackClick: 1+1=2 Sep 10 2003 09:31PM
bugtraq (bugtraq mykakee com)
> then "ATTACK VER" in the "[demo]" section drags my
> homepage to your favorite list.

Hi, I have created a similar effect with the same funcionality
by using 131A6951-7F78-11D0-A979-00C04FD705A2 object
and Jelmer's trick to raise drag&drop back in April [worx for WinXP only].
I wonder if your code is similar, however your page is not accesible, cannot

*Cannot provide the working demo [maybe except private], as I agreed with my
current employer not to publish any exploit or content similar in
functionality by any means.

Best regards
Adam Blaszczyk
kakee neverending lover, coder, reverser, writer, av researcher
If you have any job for quite a good reverse engineer who is very interested
in computer viruses, currently working on contract [but not doing what he
the most] for one of the best AV companies in the world, feel free to
him and he will send you his resume.

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