[Fwd: Re: AIM Password theft] Sep 23 2003 04:42PM
Mark Coleman (markc uniontown com)
Hi, can anyone shed some light on this for me? If this is new, its
going to spread like wildfire. AOL or incidents lists have yet to
reply.... it appears to be a legitimate threat as I have at least one
user "infected" already.. Thank you..

-Mark Coleman


Hi, please find attached the vbs code that appears to be running when
visitors hit www.haxr.org.

This reportedly pulls username/password from registry of AIM accounts,
then something elsewhere gets buddy lists through this password theft
and sends links to them via AOL to start the process again.

We've had at least one "infection" if you want to call it that, and a
user's AIM account was hijacked and this link sent to all users in his
buddy list which then propelled the "infection" as they click the link
to www.haxr.org.

Does anyone have any information about this issue? Any help on this
would be greatly appreciated. Still chasing it down..

-Mark Coleman

Mark Coleman wrote:

> I just started investigating a report that appears to have merit of a
> username/password theft of AIM accounts.
> Users are being directed to a web page located at www.haxr.org where
> the source appears to run a javascript program that is proportedly
> stealing AIM usernames/passwords/buddy lists.
> Does anyone have any information related to www. haxr.org or the
> technique being used?
> Please be careful when visiting the page, it pulls script off of a
> yahoo site.
> I am finding nothing in any of the initial searches that I am doing.
> Any help/insight would be greatly appreciated.
> -Mark Coleman

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