Re: base64 Sep 27 2003 08:42AM
"Ilya Teterin" (alienhard mail ru)
Bennett Todd:

> Outlaw people from receiving email on Windows, and we can
> do away with all this sludge

Heh. The base64 ambiguity isn't Windows MUAs issue ;-) Just tested MUAs for *nix:

1) kmail.
data truncated, warning


2) pine. depending on input
* data truncated, warning reported
* decoding error reported

not too bad...

3) mutt depending on input
* decoding error reported
* input after padding is decoded

evil badness approaching!

4) emacs. similar to (3).

Also, tested perl MIME::Base64 - data truncated, no warnings (which is good for MUA but bad for filters), uudecode - input after padding is decoded, cryptopp (opensource crypto and enconding library) - paddings are ignored.

p.s. Windoze mustdie, *nix 4ever? ;-)

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