Eggrop bug Feb 08 2004 04:26PM
cyborgirl@libero.it (cyborgirl libero it) (1 replies)
Re: Eggrop bug Feb 10 2004 04:20AM
Jeff Fisher (guppy techmonkeys org) (1 replies)
Re: Eggrop bug Feb 10 2004 06:00PM
Giuseppe (giusc gbss it)

>Thankfully resync sharing is considered broken and most people do not
>use it. Indeed though, this is a bug and thank you for finding it.

that's not exactly true; yes, many people don't use resync, but..

char *share_start(Function *global_funcs)
add_hook(HOOK_SHAREIN, (Function) sharein_mod);
add_hook(HOOK_MINUTELY, (Function) check_expired_tbufs);
add_hook(HOOK_READ_USERFILE, (Function) hook_read_userfile);

the function, however, is called minutely, so the bug exists also if resync
is disabled.
As in previous mail has been already said, check_expired_tbufs() first
check for timed out resync buffers, then, "accomplish to handle userfile
requests in limbo (that haven't received yet any response from tandem bot)".

>Where did you notify eggheads? I seem to be blind while looking for it.

We've notified you at bugs (at) eggheads (dot) org [email concealed]; in a private e-mail i''ve sent to
you the response we received.

With respect,

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