Symantec FireWall/VPN Appliance model 200 leak of security Feb 16 2004 07:49AM
Davide Del Vecchio (dante alighieri org)
Symantec FireWall/VPN Appliance model 200 leak of security

Davide Del Vecchio Adv#9

Discovered in: 15/01/2004
Date: 15/02/2004
Tested on FireWall/VPN Applicance model 200
Vendor notified.

Description of the Appliance:

The FireWall/VPN Appliance 200 is an integrated security and
networking device that provides easy secure, and cost-effective
Internet connectivity between locations. With its all-in-one
functionality, small businesses and remote offices can create
a high-speed local network that enables secure access and
interaction via the Internet with remote locations, business
partners, and corporate networks.

The problem:

Editing the password administration page, the password is in
clear text. To access the administration page, you have to
insert the admin psw, but your password will be cached in your
pc and in every proxy server. It makes the Appliance NOT usefull
to be managed remotely.


Contacted the Symantec Enterprise Support, they told me the "feature"
is "by design", because of the HTTP connection instead of HTTPS, so
it was NOT a bug (even if they did not know about it).
My only statement was "adding vulns to vulns.. what about a java script?"


Davide Del Vecchio would like to thank all the people supporting him
and his research, Diego Fuggetta, Gianluca Bellantuono, Filippo Sismondo,
Carlo Martini, Giorgio Vitelli, Davide Zanella, his special sad friend
Marcello Barnaba, finally but in primis his love that never leaves him

Happy Birthday to me.


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