Alcatel Omniswitch 7000 series Feb 19 2004 05:07PM
Michael Shekman (michaels80 ci manchester ct us)

Running Nessus 2.0.9 against Alcatel 7000 series causing a swith to reboot via buffer overflow(?).

Alcatel has multiple services running on the background, with no option to shut them down. Vulnerable ports: 80, 260, 261, 443. Disabling a service via qos policy (suggested by Alcatel) does just a minor relief, since many other possible vulnerabilities cause the same outcome.

Systems affected: 7700, 7800, possibly 8800 (have not tested due to the critical switch location)

Tested System info:


FPGA : 38

BootROM Version:


Test configuration:


ports 1-1024

no safe-checks (NOTE: safe-checks occasionally crash the switch as well)

1870 plugins enable

all scans enable

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