mac osx- admin service buffer overflow Mar 18 2004 11:24PM
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I discovered that by netcatting/telneting/otherwise sending 2057 A's to port 610 (admin service) of an osx server box that the serivce will crash and restart. I infered that the buffer must be set at 2056 charactors. I was only able to test this on one box, and I was not able to get on it and dump memory, etc as it was a friends. A was also unable to make a shellcode for this, but that's because of my not-quite-elite knowlage, not that it's impossible.

I notified Mac about 4 weeks ago, no response and no patch.

Thanks and sorry I can't give more info,

-Jack C ("crEp")

crep (at) triviasecurity (dot) net [email concealed]


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