RE: new internet explorer exploit (was new worm) Mar 29 2004 07:44PM
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> Subject: new internet explorer exploit (was new worm)
> The code used by this worm to exploit it's users at least
> partly is (i
> think) new , the vulnerability it abused has afaik not been
> published on
> eighter bugtraq or full-disclosure. possibly making it (one
> of?) the first
> worm to totally catch people offguard.

Yeah. It is a zero day worm, and it is very notable as such.

I can not recall a previous zero day worm. (AV is not my job, but I do
try and follow zero day.)

Hence, IE has birthed us the first zero day worm.

We should be thankful it was not coded better, because it could have
caused some really serious problems. A hundred thousand systems is
really a low target when you consider 94% of all browsers being used are
IE and the internet population is around the 400 million figure.

A zero day worm in IE:
post on Feb 19, 2004

Thor's post which archives various vendor's papers on it (Feb 25 2003):

Someone in Russia is making some nice cash. As usual. Or, something even
nastier is going down. (Nastier then the Red Mafiya??)

Hopefully, someone with a badge somewhere is investigating this. But,
looking up "bizex investigation" in google news turns up zero hits.
Maybe because "we" (all of the nations of the world) forgot to create
some kind of online police force. Doh.

Just like the Wild West. The only law is Pinkerton. How sad.

Echo... Echo...

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Re: new internet explorer exploit (was new worm) Mar 29 2004 11:35PM
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