Re: Perl code exploting TCP not checking RST ACK. Apr 27 2004 03:23PM
Michael Gschwandtner (r3d5un tznetz com)
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And now for the Python Community,

"There exists an exploit in C and Perl, so why do we need another one?!?"

I started with it on Friday, and there were no exploits on Bugtraq. Now it's ready, so why don't publish it :)

Here you can find it


it is IMHO fast, and supports multiple ports too.


>Well, I thought I was the first to release some of this

>but i see places like k-otik already have some C code.

>Here is some perl code that will reset a connection, it

>takes a port range that can be used as the source IP's

>port range, or the destination ip's port range (it

>assumes you at least no the port of one side of the



>Contrib congrats at la la kaiten....


>Peace goes out to my dawgs, saevio (ya i still love you, you little hoe), attila, uzimonkey, zeedo, eightball, I won't even mention idiocy and AlienDaemon... anyway.. here it is :)

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