Still Vulnerable in MSIE May 14 2004 02:36PM
Greg Kujawa (greg kujawa diamondcellar com)

With the latest vendor AV definitions and all of the Microsoft Security Updates my MSIE 6 application still was vulnerable to some apparent cross-site scripting exploit. I was hit with one of the many Agobot variants when exiting a site detailing some IE vulnerabilities (http://www.hnc3k.com). The site exit led to a series of pop-up and pop-under ads.

All of these site redirects apparently resulted in a www2.flingstone.com site dropping in a infamous.exe file onto my computer. All the while I saw no prompts to download or execute anything whatsoever. All I did was close the windows that were coming up.

Just an FYI since even the latest updates on all fronts cannot ensure peace of mind.

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