The Linksys WRT54G "security problem" doesn't exist Jun 04 2004 06:41PM
David Pipe (David_Pipe bio-rad com) (2 replies)
> In a recent client installation I discovered that even if the remote
> administration function is turned off, the WRT54G provides the
> administration web page to ports 80 and 443 on the WAN.

I think the "Independent consultant" quoted in InternetWeek is wrong. I
think he either has a defective router or his cables are plugged into the
wrong end of the thing.

This clearly works properly on my Linksys WRT54G. No access of
administrative site on the WAN side when it's turned off. Period.

Comments and questions:

1) No one has been able to confirm this problem. Isn't that right?

2) The "Independent consultant" did not say he tried with more than one
router, and it appears that he did not ask anyone else if they would
check this out on their routers before he decided the sky was falling.

3) Thousands and thousands of these things have been sold for months an no
one has reported this error before.

4) Certainly such an aggregious error would have been discovered before
now, as hackers routinely bang away at IP addresses and find this stuff.

5) Does he really think that Cisco/Linksys would not test such a basic
basic basic aspect of this router's security?

6) How did this get on to InternetWeek? Does anyone actually check these
things out before publishing them?

Please, prove me wrong on all points. Can anyone reproduce this?


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RE: The Linksys WRT54G "security problem" doesn't exist Jun 05 2004 05:05PM
Alan W. Rateliff, II (lists rateliff net) (1 replies)
RE: The Linksys WRT54G "security problem" doesn't exist Jun 07 2004 04:09PM
David Gillett (gillettdavid fhda edu)
Re: The Linksys WRT54G "security problem" doesn't exist Jun 04 2004 10:01PM
insecure (insecure ameritech net)


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