XSS vulnerability in Sqwebmail 4.0.4 Jun 21 2004 09:07AM
Luca Legato (luca legato mediaservice net)
Hello Bugtraq,

Sqwebmail (http://www.inter7.com/sqwebmail/) is a web cgi client for
sending and receiving email using Maildir mailboxes.

During a web application security evaluation on Sqwebmail
we have found a XSS (Cross Site Scripting) vulnerability inside the
print_header_uc() function (from folder.c). This flaw can be exploited by
a remote attacker using two vectors:

1) sending a raw email message with malformed headers, i.e.

ashanti@dns:~$ telnet localhost 25
Trying x.x.x.x...
Connected to x.x.x.x.
Escape character is '^]'.
220 x.x.x.x ESMTP
helo foo
250 x.x.x.x
mail from:<test (at) test (dot) com [email concealed]>
250 ok
rcpt to:<user (at) mediaservice (dot) net [email concealed]>
250 ok
354 go ahead

This works only if Sqwebmail is configured to display the full headers
(via prefences or via fullheaders cgi variable).

2) sending a raw email message with the MIME Content-Type header set to
"message/delivery-status" with malformed content (see 1 above).

According to our fast examination of the source code, these are the only
two calls to the vulnerable print_header_uc() fuction that take their
argument from user input (i.e. from the content of email messages): since
this function doesn't properly filter for "malicious" data (like '<', '>',
'&', and so on), by sending a carefully-crafted email message an attacker
is able to inject and execute arbitrary code in the client browser context
-- this security flaw effectively enables an attacker to steal sensitive
session information.

Inter7 and Sam Varshavchik (the author and current mantainer) were both
contacted on June 11. On the same day, the author released Sqwebmail
4.0.5, that addresses the reported vulnerability. All Sqwebmail users are
encouraged to upgrade to this latest version.

Luca Legato, OPST
Web Application Security Tester @ Mediaservice.net Srl, Divisione Sicurezza
Via Raffaele Cadorna, 47 - 10137 Torino (TO) - IT
Tel +39-011-32.72.100 Fax +39-011-32.46.497
Disclaimer: http://mediaservice.net/disclaimer

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