Re: Caveat Lector: Beastie Boys Evil Jun 19 2004 02:57AM
Hamilton Frail (h frail bigpond com) (1 replies)
Re[2]: Caveat Lector: Beastie Boys Evil Jun 21 2004 05:18PM
Matthew Leeds (mleeds theleeds net)
Time for some info. There are a variety of copy control mechanisms being used by the publishers of CDs these days. Dragos most likely has run into Macrovision Cactus Data Shield. Here's some info:


For those interested in other protection methods you might read this:


and this:


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>> Dragos Ruiu wrote:
>> >Well I truly regret actually purchasing a copy of the new Beastie Boys
>> >to support them.
>> >
>> >It seems that Capitol Records has some sort of new copy protection
>> >that automatically, silently, installs "helpful" copy protection
>> >MacOS and Windows as soon as you insert the CD into default systems.
>> >I'm not sure exactly what it does yet, but I am sure regreting actually
>> >purchasing said media now... they don't deserve my money if they choose
>> >to pull stupid stunts like this. Installing software without your
>> >sounds like viral malware behaviour to me. I certainly hope the AV
>> >put signatures into their products for this crap.
>> >
>> >They include some sort of uninstaller buried on there for Windows, but
>> >I see no such thing for MacOS. If anyone has disassembled the
>> >aforementioned malware already and can save us some time with
>> >instructions on how to remove it... thanks in advance.
>> >
>> >caveat emptor,
>> >--dr

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