SUPER SPOOF DELUXE Re: [Full-Disclosure] Microsoft and Security Jun 29 2004 02:22PM
http-equiv (at) excite (dot) com [email concealed] (1 malware com)

> On the subject of IE bugs, I am running SP2 RC2,
IE6.0.2900.2149 today I
> opened a window
> http://www.asus.com/products/server/srv-mb/ncch-dl/overview.htm
> In another IE window I had www.ingrammicro.com/uk open
> Whe I click on the picture of the motherboard in the first
page to enlarge
> it, it changes the ingrammicro page to have the picture of the
> in it but still displays the ingrammicro page title in the
browser bar, and
> the top "frame" of the ingrammicro page....
> Weird one, I don?t know if it is restricted to this build of
IE though
> Mark

This is unbelieveable. Super Spoof DeLuxe ! Simply knowing the
frame name of the target site we can modify the asus.com crazy
code and inject whatever we want into the target site.

Here's a quick and dirty demo injecting malware.com into
windowsupdate.microsoft.com :)


- using window.open most popup blockers will block it, disable
for the demo or recode with just open() or something else which
can defeat them

- this demo hinges on the site code frame name being in english
for the demo url of windowsupdate.com

-you need to time the loading of the target site before injecting

- quick testing from google frame + bank, yields banking sites
using frames where it too works

exact reason or code in asus.com not examined at this time.

Well done Mark. A recording setting lunker.


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