Computer Network Defence Vulnerability Alert State Aug 25 2004 12:00PM
Andy Cuff (lists securitywizardry com)
Hi All,
As a great believer in being able to track emerging vulnerabilities with
minimal effort, I have created another "Alert State" image.
http://securitywizardry.com/radar.htm However, I have tried to make it a
lot more granular dividing the image up into OS and Applications and
reducing the alert states to just 3. At present I'm tracking the
vulnerabilities myself, though I'm hoping some kind hearted vulnerability
alert service such as one of these http://securitywizardry.com/alert.htm
will offer to notify me when significant vulnerabilities occur that may
warrant a change in an enterprises CND posture. I hope you find it of use,

Advice, criticism, bitchin' etc welcomed as always

-andy cuff
Talisker's Computer Security Portal
Computer Network Defence Ltd

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