SUS 2.0.2 local root vulnerability Sep 14 2004 01:56PM
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Title : SUS 2.0.2 local root vulnerability
Advisory ID : LSS#2004-09-01
Date : September 14th, 2004
Advisory URL: : http://security.lss.hr/index.php?page=details&ID=LSS-2004-09-01
Impact : Any user can obtain root privileges
Risk level : High
Vulnerability type : Local
Vendors contacted : GENTOO Linux and Peter D. Gray (SUS author), Contact date: September 13th, 2004


==[ Overview

SUS is a suid root program that allows ordinary users the execution of certain
programs with superuser privileges. SUS relatives are super, sudo and calife. SUS is
run by default as setuid root.

==[ Vulnerability

There is a very simple format string bug in log() function that allows any local
user to gain root privileges. Format string vulnerability is a result of an incorrect
syslog() function call, and can be exploited directly from the command line.


log(char * msg)
openlog(ident, LOG_PID|LOG_CONS, facility);
syslog(level,msg); // <- VULNERABILITY

==[ Affected versions

The exploitation of this vulnerability was successfully tested on SUS version 2.0.2.

==[ Fix

GENTOO Linux has released a patched version - sus-2.0.2-r1.

There is also a fixed version on sus homepage:

==[ PoC Exploit

Proof of concept code can be downloaded at http://security.lss.hr/PoC/.

==[ Credits

This vulnerability was found by Leon Juranic (ljuranic (at) LSS (dot) hr [email concealed]).

==[ LSS Security Contact

LSS Security Team, <eXposed by LSS>
WWW : http://security,lss.hr
E-mail : security (at) LSS (dot) hr [email concealed]
Tel : +385 1 6129 775

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