python does mangleme (with IE bugs!) Oct 24 2004 04:36AM
ned (nd felinemenace org) (1 replies)
i've made a port of mangleme:
with a few extra quirks (such as file extentions/url types)

it finds IE bugs after roughly 2.5 -> 3 hours and they are at:

They are not the null pointer dereference that Michal found (which
curiously seems to not own my 6.0.2800.1106.xpsp1?) but some other
probably non-exploitable problems!

htmler.py doesn't use CGI like mangleme but generates webpages in the
directory 'html1' numbered 0.html to n.html. 0.html then uses a refresh to
load 1.html and so on with little user interaction required!

anyway, if you find bugs with it, don't sell to anyone/notify vendors!
- nd

http://felinemenace.org/~nd - "eat a duck"

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Re: [Full-Disclosure] python does mangleme (with IE bugs!) Oct 25 2004 01:55AM
Berend-Jan Wever (skylined edup tudelft nl)


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