FluxBox crash vulnerability Nov 26 2004 06:48PM
Quith (quith linux-hell net)

Name: FluxBox

Homepage: http://www.fluxbox.org

Author: Quith <quith[at]linux-hell[dot]net>

Date: Fri Nov 26 15:07:30 UTC 2004


FluxBox is a popular window manager for X, working under Linux/Unix operating systems. It's based on BlackBox and has 100% theme/style compability.

(Xman is a manual page browser for the X Window Systems.)


Fluxbox always crashes totally while executing XMAN with long value of

'-title' parameter. Simple usage example:

$ xman -title `perl -e 'print "X" x 10000 '`

It was tested on 0.9.10 version and some older ones. Probably all are affected.


Quith <quith (at) linux-hell (dot) net [email concealed]>


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