MS Windows Media Player 9 Vulns (2) Dec 18 2004 07:43AM
Arman Nayyeri (arman-n Phreaker net)

Microsoft Windows Media Player 9 Vulns


Title: Microsoft Windows Media Player 9 Vulns (2)

HappyName: MS-WMP9-2P-BY-R/\/\AN

Date: Friday, April 17, 2004

Software: Microsoft Windows Media Player 9

Vendor: Microsoft Corporation

Patch: Fixed in Microsoft Windows Media Player 10

Author: Arman Nayyeri, arman-n[at]phreaker[daat]net, http://www.4rman.com

Severity: As little as heaven! (seriously: Moderate)



I have been reported this vulns on "Monday, July 05, 2004 4:11 PM" to microsoft.

They finally corrected these flaws in WMP 10. So I just wait some time for some

people to install WMP 10, now it's showtime!

Windows Media Player Allows Writing To Audio Files: (WMP-AWTAF)


The Windows Media Player allow the name of artist and song be changed by

using windows media player control in Internet explorer,

so it will allow an attacker to overwrite the artist and album and song

name of a music file by finding a mp3 file (for example).

It is not so much important itself but become more important if we can

cause IE to parse the mp3 file then we can easily inject script

in my computer zone, there is some default music files that exists when

windows get installed (ME and XP), so it will become more

easier to exploit.

something like this:


but actually I never found such vuln in IE which cause such severity!

Because I'm so busy, take a look at "I need some help!" section.

So I left it as an exercise for the attacker ;)

Windows Media Player ActiveX Object Expose Existence Of Files: (WMP-AXOEEOF)


There is a way to determine if a file exists and if it exists find it's size. I have

used the getItemInfoByAtom() function with a magical number. the magical number is 19

which actually used to get the file size. But we can open any (music or non-music)

files by WMP ActiveX and call this function on it. it will return 0 if the file does

not exists (or is empty) and return the size if it exists.



The exploits for WMP-AWTAF and WMP-AXOEEOF (read it a'zoe'e'of) can be found at:


enjoy my website. And you may also enjoy hackin' my website too!


Exploit Tested On


Windows Media Player 9.0


Microsoft Windows XP

Microsoft Windows XP SP1

Microsoft Windows XP SP2

Vendor Status


Microsoft notified about 6 month ago.

The bug fixed in Windows Media Player 10.

Special Thanks


Special thanks to my FAMILY

Do I discover more vulnerabilities?


I'm so busy these days.

Read below.

I need some help! HELP!! HELP!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm in the way of my research and I actually need some help about viruses.

let me tell you some about my research:

I'm working on a virus defense system which does not rely on Virus Signatures at all.

I used some ways to defend viruses and trojan when they want to spread or damage the

computer.It's almost 8 months which I started this research. I called it Instantaneous

Defense Technology (IDT). I'm working alone. First of all I want to know if there is

anyone who is interested in supporting me and my research. And if there is someone who

really have nice info in this subject and can help me in this way. The beta version of

a sample program based on IDT will be released in the next 6 months. Also I'm ready to

cooperate with any company which have a nice offer for working in this subject. In march

I will need some virus/trojan samples. If anyone have virus samples or knows how to get

samples contact me. I will continue my research until I get a nice offer.



Arman Nayyeri is not responsible for the misuse of the information

provided in this advisory. The opinions expressed are my own and not of

any company. In no event shall the author be liable for any damages

whatsoever arising out of or in connection with the use or spread of this

advisory. Any use of the information is at the user's own risk.


and sorry for my f*%#in' poor english,

Arman Nayyeri


Persia (or Iran)


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