WebWorm using PHPBB vulnerability in the wild! Dec 20 2004 11:42PM
Niki Denev (nike_d cytexbg com) (1 replies)
There have been reports of WebWorm exploting PHPBB's urldecode
The worm uses this to create a perl script on the server and start it.
After the perl script starts it wipes itself out, then begans to search
via google.com/advanced_search for exploitable viewtopic.php files part from
the vulnerable PHPBB distributions.
Then the worm replicates itself by using the vulnerability, and also
overwrites any files on the disk that it has permission to.
Machines running the worm script will have perl process with name 'm1ho2of'
But this likely will change when the people start to notice it.
The possible solution is to patch or disable the vulnerable PHPBB


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Re: WebWorm using PHPBB vulnerability in the wild! Dec 22 2004 09:52AM
Nick Johnson (arachnid notdot net)


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