Possible windows+python bug Mar 22 2005 12:21PM
liquid cyberspace org (1 replies)

This bug is produced on WindowsXP SP1 (OSVer : 5_1_2600) with Python2.3 installed.

Start Python and type (of course x.x.x.x should be replaced with IP address):

import socket

Press ENTER and your win box should crash immediately.
On my test after restart windows returned BCCode : d1.

By the way, IP protocol 0x04 is "IP over IP", and I could send such datagrams month ago with Python (although Microsoft has crippled some protocols).
Now, this is maybe specific to this configuration, or it could be due to some driver (BCCode: d1 is specific for drivers related problems). It needs further testing on different configurations.

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Re: Possible windows+python bug Mar 22 2005 06:37PM
Neil Schemenauer (nas-bugtraq arctrix com)


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