Brute-Force scanning the entire 32-bit IP space using Javascript. Mar 25 2005 08:23PM
cyber_flash hotmail com

Ever wonder how many HTTP web servers are running on the internet?

Last night I decided to write a Distributed IP Scanning tool using only plain Javascript. No special exe downloads are required. It runs right within the IE browser. For a demo on flash/warhol worms, please visit:


I have emailed www.Netcraft.com asking about their raw data and the ability to download it, but they said: "No, and no".

Are there websites that do have raw data listings of all web servers and associated IP's. I'm sure high-tech security companies definitely do!

SETI@home project distributes chunks of raw radio outer space data, so I borrowed that technique and applied it to the IP space instead. ;)

Thanks for your time!

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