Novell GroupWise Plain Text Password Vulnerability. Jun 20 2005 03:04PM
Security Team (securityteam truedson com)
Novell GroupWise Plain Text Password Vulnerability.

A Vulnerability exsists in the Novell GroupWise Client that will allow an
attacker to identify the id and password of the users GroupWise email

I. Technical Description:
The username and password can be dumped out of memory for the process
grpWise.exe while GroupWise is running. Using a tool such a pmdump to dump
the memory of the process the username and password are clearly visible in
plain text. This can be exploited remotely as well, by using pmdump with
something like psexe form Sysinternals

II. Impact:
A GroupWise user could have someone accessing their email, they would never
even know it.

III. Affected Products:
Novell GroupWise Windows Client

IV. Tested Vulnerable versions:
6.5.2 & 6.0 and 5.5

V. Solution:
Still waiting..

V. Vendor timeline:
3/30/2005 - Contacted Vendor.
4/11/2005 -Vendor duplicated problem.
5/11/2005 -Vendor released a patch.
5/17/2005 - Contacted Vendor and told them the patch did not work.
5/20/2005 - Vendor agreed patch does not fix the problem.
6/20/2005 - Have not heard from vendor in 1 Month, so releasing this

VI: Credits:
The vulnerability was discovered by the Securityteam AT truedson.com.

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