Security Contact for Lyris Jun 21 2005 06:17PM
H D Moore (sflist digitaloffense net) (1 replies)
I am trying to reach the security contact at Lyris (www.lyris.com). I
sent an email to every address listed on the web site and keep getting
blown off by the operator when I call[1]. The OSVDB Vendor Dictionary has
no contact information listed for Lyris. There are a number of serious,
remotely-exploitable issues in the ListManager product...


1. On the first call, I asked for product development or someone in the
security department. The operator asked me why I was calling, I explained
that I was trying to report a security vulnerability. Shes asks if I want
sales, I try to explain again why I am calling. I was transferred in
mid-sentence to a voicemail box with no name. I called back again, this
time using their voice menu to transfer to sales. The same operator picks
up the call and I try to explain the situation again. I ask for sales,
she won't forward me because I "don't want to purchase the product". I
ask for customer support, she won't forward me because I am not a current
customer. I explain again that I am trying to do them a favor and that I
really need to contact someone in the product development or security
departments. The call ends.

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Re: Security Contact for Lyris Jun 23 2005 10:26PM
H D Moore (sflist digitaloffense net)


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