Phishing - feature or flaw Jun 24 2005 10:38PM
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Regarding certain vulnerabilities that are being discovered such as

Are these really features, or are they flaws now because of the phishing
threat vector. Originally javascript/DHTML/DOM is pretty powerful and
can do a lot of nasty stuff if someone were inclined. But phishing has
caused us to take a look at the once dubbed features of DHTML, and
possibly put responsibility onto the browser vendors for fixing these
now dubbed "flaws".

For example, is this a flaw -
https://slam.securescience.com/threats/mixed.html (some mozilla browsers
don't like Thawte yet so you will get a warning). This is a standard
frame with the URL domain as https://slam.securescience.com, but the
body is https://www.bankone.com - take a look at the lock icon - it will
only verify the url domain - is that a browser issue, a CA issue, or a

As we all have seen, one can use DHTML to create a popup and replace a
mimicked address bar if one were so incline (dirty rendition at
http://ip.securescience.net/exploits/ (popup blockers off and it was
designed for IE). Feature, or flaw?

Best Regards,
Lance James
Secure Science Corporation
Author of 'Phishing Exposed'
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