a new sql injection for aspjar guestbook Jul 04 2005 08:48PM
arash_pc0 yahoo com (1 replies)
hello , my name is: (arash setayeshi) & my yahoo id is : arash_pc0

I found a new vulnerability in aspjar guestbook that we can control website & go to admin control panel by (sql injection).

sql injection : in login page(guestbook/admin/login.asp) , username should be blank & password is : ' or 'x'='x . by this work we will be in admin control panel so :

password: ' or 'x'='x

this is new sql injection attack. i tested this bug and it is in all versions of aspjar guestbook

with special thanks
arash setayeshi

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Re: a new sql injection for aspjar guestbook Jul 12 2005 08:12AM
security curmudgeon (jericho attrition org)


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