Problems with the Oracle Critical Patch Update for April 2005 Jul 07 2005 04:13PM
David Litchfield (davidl ngssoftware com) (1 replies)
Hey all,
Whilst analyzing Oracle's Critical Patch Update for April 2005 I noticed
some failures in it, that meant certain issues the patch was supposed to fix
were actually left unfixed.

One set of vulnerabilities "fixed" by the April CPU is a group of SQL
injection bugs in DBMS_SUBSCRIBE and DBMS_ISUBSCRIBE discovered by AppSec
Inc. On digging deeper you find that the actual source of the problem lies
within the underlying java class files. The April CPU fails to properly load
the newer patched classes which means that these problems can still be
exploited. To resolve this problem, a DBA can use the loadjava command line
utility or execute the loadjava procedure on the DBMS_JAVA package. The jar
file to be loaded is $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/jlib/CDC.jar. All platforms are
affected by this problem.

On Windows, both 32bit and 64bit, a second problem exists; a vulnerability
exists whereby an attacker can run arbitrary SQL by abusing the
CTXSYS.DRILOAD package to gain DBA privleges. This was discovered by
multiple persons and was initially fixed in August 2004. However, the April
Critical Patch Update copies the updated sql script file to the wrong
directory and if previous patches (August 2004 or January 2005) have not
applied then you will still be vulnerable to this attack even if the April
CPU has been applied.

These problems were reported to Oracle in early June and today they have
released updated information about these problems. See the Metalink
(http://metalink.oracle.com) website for more details.

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David Litchfield
NGSSoftware Ltd

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